This page presents brief example usages of the tool.

Example framework: Eclipse RCP


Framework Engineering

Framework Usage

Part 1 - shows the automatic derivation of the DSM infrastructure and examples of specialization modules. Watch video. Part 2 - shows the usage of the derived DSM infrastructure of Part 1. Watch video.
Part 3 - shows an example of evolution, by augmenting the DSM infrastructure of Part 1 with the Cool Bar and related features. Watch video. Part 4 - shows the usage of the new DSM infrastructure of Part 3, evolving the model that resulted from Part 2. Watch video.

- the videos should be watched according to their numerical order
- click on green arrows to proceed when the video is stopped
- the web browser should have an adequate SWF/Flash plugin
- when using low resolution, it might be necessary to visualize in fullscreen in order that all the video fits in the browser window

In case of any problems please contact Andre Santos